Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 15.0.0.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-14556] - Document how to monitor cross-site connection
  • [ISPN-15094] - Support simple cache for functional map


  • [ISPN-8652] - Embedded JCache listener does not correctly return the previous value
  • [ISPN-13666] - RemoteStore leaks out netty event loop client threads
  • [ISPN-14242] - RESP server can send results in incorrect order if a non blocking client is used
  • [ISPN-14245] - RESP endpoint subscription RESET doesn't need to do anything
  • [ISPN-14250] - RESP Pub/Sub doesn't work with redis-cli
  • [ISPN-14328] - Server DEBUG logs should pretty print configuration
  • [ISPN-14486] - Startup might be blocked by statistic requests
  • [ISPN-14495] - RESP endpoint cannot parse request larger than packet size
  • [ISPN-14496] - Implement CONFIG command for RESP endpoint
  • [ISPN-14497] - RESP endpoint needs to release ByteBuf objects it creates
  • [ISPN-14500] - REST API blocking when retrieving keys and entries
  • [ISPN-14501] - RESP protocol parser can be a bit more efficient
  • [ISPN-14509] - JdbcStringBasedStore bulk operations don't work when more than 128 segments worth of values are provided
  • [ISPN-14532] - Multimap failing with huge value
  • [ISPN-14536] - Fix HotRod client commands failing on replay
  • [ISPN-14571] - Propagate errors in REST chunked response
  • [ISPN-14760] - Infinispan thirdparty integration tests failure with JDK17
  • [ISPN-15839] - Null pointer exception if I try to enable x_site tracing category
  • [ISPN-15850] - Fix global tracing configuration parsing


Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-8726] - Memcached connector rewrite
  • [ISPN-14229] - RESP "cluster" commands
  • [ISPN-14249] - Add a list of which column type we should use for the supported databases
  • [ISPN-14478] - Add possibility to project object version in Ickle query result
  • [ISPN-14483] - Remove indexing non-blocking extra layer
  • [ISPN-14490] - Add blocking scheduled tasks to BlockingManager
  • [ISPN-14504] - Optimize RESP GET and SET operations
  • [ISPN-14593] - A thread dump shuld be triggered in case of CacheBackpressureFullException
  • [ISPN-14693] - Enhance cluster start/restart for administration
  • [ISPN-14725] - GraalVM feature
  • [ISPN-14735] - Move to JakartaEE packages
  • [ISPN-14794] - Create locked InfinispanLock
  • [ISPN-14847] - Multimap Structure with LinkedList
  • [ISPN-15068] - RESP Server should always use OCTET key media type storage
  • [ISPN-15377] - SoftIndexFileStore index by cache segment
  • [ISPN-15466] - Passivation does not need to remove from store on load or write
  • [ISPN-15838] - Add the security realm to the string representing the tls-endpoint in the Insights security report

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