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Feature Request


  • [DBZ-2306] - Long running transaction in Debezium 1.2.0 (PostgreSQL)
  • [DBZ-3952] - "snapshot.include.collection.list" doesn't work with the new MySQL connector implementation
  • [DBZ-4622] - When running the NPM build I always end up with an updated/diverged package-lock.json
  • [DBZ-4635] - Upgrade of Oracle connector causes NullPointerException
  • [DBZ-4641] - Oracle-Connector fails parsing a DDL statement (external tables)
  • [DBZ-4662] - oracle-connector DDL statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-4706] - Oracle parsing error for ALTER TABLE EXT_SIX LOCATION
  • [DBZ-4707] - MySQL unparseable DDL - CREATE PROCEDURE
  • [DBZ-4715] - Source timestamp timezone differs between snapshot and streaming records
  • [DBZ-4716] - Document that Oracle Xstream emits DBMS_LOB method calls as separate events
  • [DBZ-4723] - Property "log.mining.view.fetch.size" does not take effect
  • [DBZ-4736] - Postgres debezium send wrong value of column has default NULL::::character varying in kafka message
  • [DBZ-4737] - Oracle Logminer: streaming start offset is off by one
  • [DBZ-4739] - Apache Pulsar example doesn't work
  • [DBZ-4744] - Oracle dbname/signal with dots parsed incorrectly
  • [DBZ-4746] - Oracle DDL statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-4751] - Overly verbose Debezium Server Redis logs
  • [DBZ-4752] - DDL statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-4760] - Redis runs OOM log in wrong scenario
  • [DBZ-4763] - Relax parsing of Heap and Index organized DDL clauses
  • [DBZ-4773] - java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.kafka.clients.admin.NewTopic
  • [DBZ-4777] - Connection validation fails for Db2
  • [DBZ-4781] - Test suite unable to run due to jackson dependency overlaps
  • [DBZ-4788] - Elasticsearch in jpa-aggregations example fails
  • [DBZ-4800] - Debezium UI build fails on Windows
  • [DBZ-4813] - Add logs in Outbox Event Router to indicate message id and key


  • [DBZ-4301] - Improve rendering of linked option names
  • [DBZ-4440] - Use images from in docs and examples
  • [DBZ-4603] - Improve documentation about max_replication_slots
  • [DBZ-4606] - Connector doc formatting and link fixes
  • [DBZ-4632] - Update downstream Getting Started guide to describe revised deployment mechanism
  • [DBZ-4633] - Update downstream OCP Installation guide to describe revised deployment mechanism
  • [DBZ-4719] - Changes config for renovate bot to auto-merge only for non-major update
  • [DBZ-4721] - Incorrect connector version in Debezium RHEL Installation Guide
  • [DBZ-4731] - Verify Debezium connector can be used with MongoDB Atlas
  • [DBZ-4738] - Remove NATS example
  • [DBZ-4743] - Upgrade to Quarkus 2.7.1.Final
  • [DBZ-4748] - UI layout fixes
  • [DBZ-4759] - Upgrade MySQL JDBC driver to 8.0.28
  • [DBZ-4766] - Nightly build artifacts not published
  • [DBZ-4776] - Clarify need for link attributes in docs
  • [DBZ-4791] - Incorrect downstream modularization comments in mongodb-outbox-event-router.adoc
  • [DBZ-4807] - Upgrade to Quarkus 2.7.2.Final


  • [DBZ-4287] - Handle out of order transaction start event
  • [DBZ-4478] - Partition-scoped metrics for the SQL Server connector
  • [DBZ-4509] - Save and load offsets in Redis
  • [DBZ-4628] - Debezium Deploy Snapshots job is blocked for a long time
  • [DBZ-4730] - Expect plain value instead of scientific exponential notation when using decimal string mode
  • [DBZ-4783] - Accept multiple database names in the configuration

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