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Update downstream OCP Installation guide to describe revised deployment mechanism


      For the 2022.Q1 release, the Debezium OCP Installation guide was published with only minimal updates and it does not include the steps for using the updated build mechanism that AMQ Streams provides.

      Update the guide to incorporate the new instructions. The following changes are proposed:

      Add a deployment overview topic, similar to the topic in the UG

      • In Section 2.3:
        • Remove Steps 1.i and 1.ii and replace with items in the prerequisites that link to the Streams Deployment doc.
        • Replace Step 1.iii through 9 with the instructions in the UG.
      • Add a section about verifying the deployment as in the UG.
      • Next steps section:
        • Move content in first bullet to the Deployment overview topic.
      • Remove bullet about the spec.image property

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            broldan@redhat.com Robert Roldan
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