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Incorrect downstream modularization comments in mongodb-outbox-event-router.adoc


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      Most of the modularization annotations added as comments in the MongoDB outbox SMT documentation are incorrectly copied from outbox-event-router.adoc. As a result of the duplicated annotations, when the files are used to build the downstream documentation, the build fails with multiple errors that report IDs being duplicated in the source content, for example:

      ID "outbox-collection-structure-expected-by-debezium-mongodb-outbox-event-router-smt" is duplicated in the source content

      The ModuleID comments must be reset so that they are unique among the collection of files that are included in a downstream documentation category, such as the User Guide. The Title comments are not required to be unique, but they should also be unique.

            broldan@redhat.com Robert Roldan
            broldan@redhat.com Robert Roldan
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