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Oracle-Connector fails parsing a DDL statement (external tables)


      While beeing in streaming mode the Oracle-Connector fails to handle the following DDL statement which is valid Oracle-SQL and excutes fine in the Oracle db:

      io.debezium.text.ParsingException: DDL statement couldn't be parsed. Please open a Jira issue with the statement 
      create table imp_headline_ext (
      car_id_no varchar2(255),
      platfm varchar2(255),
      my varchar2(255),
      nl varchar2(255),
      no_d varchar2(255),
      nz_new_zealand varchar2(255),
      pe_peru varchar2(255),
      pl varchar2(255),
      pt varchar2(255),
      py_paraguay varchar2(255),
      ro varchar2(255),
      ru varchar2(255),
      SA_SAUDI_ARABIA varchar2(255),
      se varchar2(255),
      sg_singapore varchar2(255),
      si varchar2(255),
      th varchar2(255),
      tn_tunisia varchar2(255),
      tr varchar2(255),
      tw_taiwan varchar2(255),
      ua varchar2(255),
      us varchar2(255),
      uy_uruguay varchar2(255),
      vn_vietnam varchar2(255),
      za varchar2(255),
      total_quantity_vehicles varchar2(255),
      headlinesort varchar2(255),
      headlinekey varchar2(255),
      tatus varchar2(255),
      changes varchar2(255)
      ( TYPE ORACLE_LOADER DEFAULT DIRECTORY "PISA_FZD" ACCESS PARAMETERS ( records delimited BY newline characterset 'WE8MSWIN1252' skip 1 fields terminated BY ";" lrtrim missing field VALUES are NULL) LOCATION ( 'HEADLINE.CSV')) REJECT LIMIT UNLIMITED;

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