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Provide a solution for Gateway management by an operator



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    • Provide a solution for Gateway management by an operator
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    • OCPSTRAT-416Gateway API using Istio for Cluster Ingress (Dev Preview)
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    • OCPSTRAT-416 - Gateway API using Istio for Cluster Ingress (Dev Preview)
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      User Story: As a cluster admin, I want to create a gatewayclass and a gateway, and OpenShift should configure Istio/Envoy with an LB and DNS, so that traffic can reach httproutes attached to the gateway.

      The operator will be one of these (or some combination):

      • cluster-ingress-operator
      • OSSM operator
      • a new operator

      Functionality includes DNS (NE-1107), LoadBalancer (NE-1108), , and other operations formerly performed by the cluster-ingress-operator for routers.

      • configures GWAPI subcomponents
        • Installs GWAPI Gateway CRD
      • installs Istio (if needed) when Gateway and GatewayClasses are created

      Requires design document or enhancement proposal, breakdown into more specific stories.

      (probably needs to be an Epic, will move things around later to accomodate that).


      Out of scope for enhanced dev preview:

      • Unified Control Plane operations (NE-1095)
      • Installs RBAC that restricts who can configure Gateway and GatewayClasses¬†


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