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Provide a solution for DNS Management


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      Depends on the operator we choose, see NE-1105.  Worst case is if we need a new operator and couldn't re-use anything in Ingress or Istio.

      Enhancement proposal may be necessary.

      How do we know when to create the record?

      Open Questions

      • Where does the cluster admin configure the domain for the operator to use in the DNS record?
        • GatewayClass?  Probably not; this is for implementation-specific things (e.g. Istio-specific things), and we have OpenShift CRDs for vendor-specific (e.g. Red Hat-specific) things. 
        • ingresses.config.openshift.io/cluster?
        • Some new OpenShift-specific cluster config CRD? 

      Acceptance Criteria: DNS Management can be provided for Gateway API xRoutes and components, either with changes to Ingress Operator, a new operator that works in the absence of Ingress Operator, or both.

      [Stretch Goal]: Provide E2E testing of the new DNS logic support with Gateway API


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