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[GWAPI-TP] Provide a solution for a Unified Control Plane


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    • Provide a solution for a Unified Control Plane
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    • OCPSTRAT-247 - Gateway API using Istio for Cluster Ingress - Tech Preview
    • OCPSTRAT-247Gateway API using Istio for Cluster Ingress - Tech Preview
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      Blocker issue for Tech Preview

      User story: As a service mesh and gateway API administrator, I need functionality for an operator that can automatically configure what is needed after I create a Gateway and HTTPRoute , in order to get a result that certain ingress traffic gets routed into the mesh per the httproute object and gets routed within the mesh per the mesh configuration. 

      On an OpenShift cluster that runs both OSSM and a cluster-ingress-operator managed GWAPI, design a solution that runs without the need for two separately administered control planes.  Some requirements:

      • Provides Gateway API ingress for applications (even if there is no service mesh)
      • Provides a solution (document or otherwise) for when Gateway API is there first, and service mesh is added later.
        • Discuss options with service mesh team
        • Answer NE-1178
      • Provides a solution for when service mesh is there first, and Gateway API is added later (we have tested and this seems to be working fine)
        • If service mesh is already installed, may need to reconfigure portions to fit Unified Control Plane requirements

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