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  • [KOGITO-8553] - [Doc Review] Workflow execution timeout support

Feature Request


  • [KOGITO-7498] - Kogito Serverless Workflow Builder Image


  • [KOGITO-8183] - Quarkus remote dev mode mutable jar startUp failed
  • [KOGITO-8330] - Subflow does not receive the action data but the full parent data set
  • [KOGITO-8378] - Node 'null' Action has no outgoing connection
  • [KOGITO-8381] - Switch node cannot have more than one incoming connection
  • [KOGITO-8422] - Serverless Workflow Crashed when eventDataFileter applied
  • [KOGITO-8423] - Review SW package naming to avoid WARNs in user's console
  • [KOGITO-8450] - [SW] Service discovery - Index 1 out of bounds for length 1
  • [KOGITO-8459] - kogito-addons-quarkus-persistence-jdbc: invalid usage of sqlIncludingVersion
  • [KOGITO-8472] - CeKit Validator Unrecognized field "entrypoint"
  • [KOGITO-8481] - DevMojoIT integration test is clashing random ports in a few rare cases
  • [KOGITO-8499] - Only one of a list of events in the "State End" of a ServerlessWorkflow is produced
  • [KOGITO-8507] - KubernetesAddOnTest fails regularly and spins containers without an apparent reason
  • [KOGITO-8509] - CeKit Validator Unrecognized field "service"
  • [KOGITO-8510] - `kogito-swf-builder` is taking minutes to finish build
  • [KOGITO-8512] - ReflectionProtoGenerator throws missing field exception on methods that looks like getter or setter
  • [KOGITO-8514] - Shell tests on images are not considered by the CI
  • [KOGITO-8532] - Data-index is showing warning about Infinispan configuration
  • [KOGITO-8535] - `main` operator.yaml file should point to an existing image on
  • [KOGITO-8537] - KubernetesAddOnTest starts test containers even with devservices disabled in application properties
  • [KOGITO-8539] - Quarkus integration checks are failing due to integration branch creation in parallel
  • [KOGITO-8541] - Gradle is spawning forked process in GHA CI, ending up in timeouts
  • [KOGITO-8598] - Golint is deprecated
  • [KOGITO-8608] - Kogito cannot find DRL files when deployed in a JAR file.
  • [KOGITO-8655] - kogito protofile index change causing mongodb issue
  • [KOGITO-8658] - The data-index is not accessible by the Dev UI extension because they run in different localhost ports
  • [KOGITO-8670] - Detach Quarkus Platform version from Quarkus version in docs
  • [KOGITO-8706] - Jenkins: Toggle triggers job does not start
  • [KOGITO-8708] - Infinispan authentication is not set correctly on service apps


  • [KOGITO-8049] - Update the CNCF Serverless Workflow Golang SDK to Specs v0.8
  • [KOGITO-8090] - Pipelines: GHA: maven cache should ignore org.kie or other built artifacts paths
  • [KOGITO-8211] - Jenkins DSL: Create a job to remove a release branch from Jenkins
  • [KOGITO-8495] - Bump to Quarkus 2.16.0.Final
  • [KOGITO-8502] - Improve quarkus integration jobs
  • [KOGITO-8534] - CI: Update Maven to 3.8.7
  • [KOGITO-8550] - Quarkus integration branch should contain the envionment name instead of the quarkus branch
  • [KOGITO-8577] - DSL: Fail or Ignore missing environment in configuration
  • [KOGITO-8604] - Saga examples use wrong groupId
  • [KOGITO-8605] - Kogito BOM references non-existent Spring Boot starters sources
  • [KOGITO-8606] - Remove JavaDoc plugin from Kogito as it is not used


  • [KOGITO-7982] - End state not terminating the process when there are pending event nodes and keepActive is false
  • [KOGITO-8369] - Provide an API for tests to run Kaniko without Kubernetes/minikube runtime
  • [KOGITO-8434] - Add Integration Tests and configure Container Builder CI
  • [KOGITO-8464] - Wrong error message when referring a uri with file:// rather than file:/// or file://c/
  • [KOGITO-8469] - Let Kogito Serverless Workflow Image Builder default to quarkus dev mode
  • [KOGITO-8511] - Data Index split package warnings
  • [KOGITO-8536] - Handle clone method failure in a different way
  • [KOGITO-8557] - Review tests missing timeout for await operations
  • [KOGITO-8558] - Use Quarkus IT for Camel addon

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