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Let Kogito Serverless Workflow Image Builder default to quarkus dev mode


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    • 2022 Week 50-02 (from Dec 12), 2023 Week 03-05 (from Jan 16)

      Today, the kogito-swf-builder image is used as the base to build Kogito Serverless Workflow applications in a Kubernetes cluster.

      After KOGITO-8183, we realized that this image could also enable remote quarkus dev. For this to work, the image must have ports 8080 and 5005 opened so users can attach debuggers and access the application in devmode.

      Additionally, by default the image should run quarkus-dev by default via:

      "${MAVEN_HOME}"/bin/mvn clean compile quarkus:dev

      A few environment variables should be set in the image:

      • QUARKUS_KOGITO_DEVSERVICES_ENABLED (default to false since Data Index can run only on Docker for now)
      • QUARKUS_KUBERNETES_CLIENT_DEVSERVICES_ENABLED (default to false. We don't need Kubernetes integration for this use case)

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