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Review SW package naming to avoid WARNs in user's console


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    • 2023 Week 03-05 (from Jan 16)

      After our recent package naming refactoring, one can see in the logs:

      2022-12-30 11:48:10,235 WARN  [io.qua.arc.dep.SplitPackageProcessor] (build-29) Detected a split package usage which is considered a bad practice and should be avoided. Following packages were detected in multiple archives:
      - "org.kie.kogito.quarkus.serverless.workflow.config" found in [org.kie.kogito:kogito-quarkus-common::jar, org.kie.kogito:kogito-quarkus-serverless-workflow::jar]

      This is very bad for the library reputation once it's out there. And the quarkus common should not have serverless workflow code on it, as seen from a end user perspective.

            cnicolai@redhat.com Cristiano Nicolai
            rhn-support-zanini Ricardo Zanini Fernandes
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