Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.6.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-832] - Add test for Oracle table without PK

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1263] - Allow table.include.list and table.exclude.list to be updated after a connector is created
  • [DBZ-3339] - Allow retry when SQL Server is down temporarily


  • [DBZ-2203] - Database name should not be converted to lower case if tablenameCaseInsensitive=True in Oracle Connector
  • [DBZ-2622] - Not able to configure Debezium Server via smallrye/microprofile environment variables
  • [DBZ-2944] - Upgrading from debezium 1.2.2 to 1.4.0 stopped snapshotting new tables
  • [DBZ-3266] - oracle logminer cannot add duplicate logfile
  • [DBZ-3322] - Oracle connector does not correctly handle partially committed transactions
  • [DBZ-3331] - Data loss when MongoDB snapshot take longer than the Oplog Window
  • [DBZ-3332] - First online log query does not limit results to those that are available.
  • [DBZ-3377] - Connector crashing after running for some time
  • [DBZ-3399] - Rename table stores only a fragment of DDL in schema history
  • [DBZ-3408] - Broken links in downstream Monitoring chapter
  • [DBZ-3410] - Broken links in User guide table of routing SMT configuration options
  • [DBZ-3412] - Broken link to basic configuration example in downstream content-based routing topic
  • [DBZ-3417] - Cassandra connector does not react on schema changes properly
  • [DBZ-3438] - Debezium mapped diagnostic contexts doesn't work
  • [DBZ-3452] - source.timestamp.mode=commit imposes a significant performance penalty
  • [DBZ-3456] - Timezone difference not considered in `LagFromSourceInMilliseconds` calculation
  • [DBZ-3469] - "Found null value for non-optional schema" error when issuing TRUNCATE from Postgres on a table with a PK
  • [DBZ-3485] - Connector crashes when table name contains '-' character
  • [DBZ-3498] - Kafka Clients in Debezium Server is not aligned with Debezium Kafka version
  • [DBZ-3508] - ReadToInsertEvent SMT needs to set ConfigDef
  • [DBZ-3514] - Debezium configuration can be modified after instantiation
  • [DBZ-3516] - Oracle redo log switch not detected when using multiple archiver process threads
  • [DBZ-3543] - Missing schema function in DDL Parser


  • [DBZ-1614] - Document new source block and fix formatting issues
  • [DBZ-2300] - Re-connect after "too many connections"
  • [DBZ-2334] - Modularize doc for MongoDB component
  • [DBZ-2337] - Rebase Postgres snapshot modes on exported snapshots
  • [DBZ-3082] - Enable continuous JFR recording
  • [DBZ-3240] - Remove deprecated Oracle connector option ""
  • [DBZ-3256] - Improve Oracle redo logs query to avoid de-duplication step
  • [DBZ-3396] - Migrate Jenkins CI to OCP 4.0 in PSI cloud
  • [DBZ-3400] - Remove Antlr-based DML Parser
  • [DBZ-3460] - Update Oracle driver version
  • [DBZ-3500] - Incremental snapshot follow-up tasks
  • [DBZ-3519] - Unnecessary NPE due to autoboxing
  • [DBZ-3520] - Upgrade actions/cache to v2 version for formatting check
  • [DBZ-3521] - Improve documentation for Oracle supplemental logging requirements
  • [DBZ-3533] - SignalsIT leave table artifacts that cause other tests to fail
  • [DBZ-3539] - Mark xstream dependency as provided


  • [DBZ-66] - Support ad hoc snapshots on MySQL connector
  • [DBZ-2916] - Support DDL operations
  • [DBZ-2948] - Add support for RAW, LONG, LONG RAW, BLOB, and CLOB data types
  • [DBZ-3092] - Update Doc For Cassandra Connector
  • [DBZ-3393] - Document log.mining.strategy for Oracle connector
  • [DBZ-3472] - Retry logic for "No more data to read from socket" is too strict
  • [DBZ-3480] - Update DOC with the new NUM_OF_CHANGE_EVENT_QUEUES parameter
  • [DBZ-3482] - Use date format model that does not depend on client NLS settings in integration tests
  • [DBZ-3503] - Provide Japanese translation of
  • [DBZ-3505] - Better handling of invalid SQL Server connector configuration

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