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Broken links in User guide table of routing SMT configuration options




      In topic-routing.adoc, the table of SMT configuration options is supposed to contain self-referential links to each of the listed properties. However, most of the links fail to resolve correctly, with the result that after you click any link other than the one for the topic.regex entry, either nothing happens, or the focus jumps to the top-level page in the Debezium User Guide The links also fail to work upstream.

      There are several possibilities to explain why the links fail to resolve:

      1. The one link that works uses an "old-style" ID in the format [[by-logical-table-router-topic-regex]] vs. the accepted downstream style of [id = "property-id-string"].
      2. The links break because the IDs are placed on separate lines from their anchor IDs. For example:


      3. The table cells are incorrectly formatted:

      • In the screenshot, for the link that works [1.] the cell delimiter precedes the anchor ID, rather than separating the ID and the link definition.
      • In the rest of the table {2., and 3.], rather than the cell delimiter preceding the anchor IDs, the IDs are placed on a line that precedes the cell delimiter. None of these remaining links resolve correctly, either upstream or downstream. The problem is not as noticeable upstream, because clicking the link does nothing, as opposed to moving the focus to the top of the page.
      • After the first row, the position of the cell delimiter incorrectly separates the anchor ID from the link URL [4.].




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