Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.9.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DBZ-3541] - MySQL connector fails to parse default integer value expressed as decimal
  • [DBZ-4742] - Cannot use Secrets in Debezium server connector config
  • [DBZ-4814] - spatial_ref_sys table should be excluded in Postgres connector
  • [DBZ-4862] - Oracle: Parsing failed for SEL_LOB_LOCATOR sql: 'DECLARE
  • [DBZ-4884] - Oracle connector stops calling logminer without any error message
  • [DBZ-4891] - Single quotes replication
  • [DBZ-4907] - Oracle keeps trying old scn even if it had no changes
  • [DBZ-4912] - Redis Sink - using Transaction does not work in sharded Redis
  • [DBZ-4913] - Oracle connector page have typo since version 1.5.
  • [DBZ-4920] - Kafka topics list throw exception
  • [DBZ-4926] - Spelling mistake in doc about Oracle metrics
  • [DBZ-4927] - MariaDB Trigger Parsing Error
  • [DBZ-4933] - NPE during snapshotting MySQL database if custom converters present and column is null
  • [DBZ-4935] - Avro converter requires Guava in lib directory
  • [DBZ-4937] - Debezium Server 1.9 Fails to start up when transferring 1.8 offsets
  • [DBZ-4943] - Missing images for 1.9.0.Beta1 and 1.9.0.CR1 releases


  • [DBZ-2793] - Document "schema.include.list"/"schema.exclude.list" for SQL Server connector
  • [DBZ-3317] - Align decimal.handling.mode documentation for Oracle like other connectors
  • [DBZ-4392] - Use Red Hat Maven repo for custom build image in docs
  • [DBZ-4919] - Upgrade postgres driver to version 42.3.3
  • [DBZ-4924] - Update Quality Outreach workflow to official Oracle Java GH action
  • [DBZ-4955] - Bump jackson to 2.13.2


  • [DBZ-4511] - Ability to support all Redis connection schemes
  • [DBZ-4864] - pass SINK config properties to OffsetStore and DatabaseHistory adapters
  • [DBZ-4892] - Migrate test-suite fixtures to JUnit extension
  • [DBZ-4911] - Use Jedis' clientSetname when establishing Redis connections

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