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Oracle: Parsing failed for SEL_LOB_LOCATOR sql: 'DECLARE


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      Hi team,

      I got this error when I capture CLOB column: "lob.enabled": "true". It happens for some records.

      This is my config:

      {   "connector.class": "io.debezium.connector.oracle.OracleConnector",   "database.user": "c##dbzuser",   "database.dbname": "***",   "database.pdb.name": "***",   "tasks.max": "1",   "database.history.kafka.bootstrap.servers": "**",   "database.history.kafka.topic": "schema-changes.**",   "database.server.name": "pdbvnsocial",   "log.mining.strategy": "online_catalog",   "database.port": "1521",   "database.hostname": "***",   "database.password": "dbz",   "name": "***",   "lob.enabled":  "true",   "snapshot.mode": "initial"   }


      Below is the log:

      Caused by: io.debezium.text.ParsingException: Failed to parse operator at index 1927: DECLAREloc_c CLOB;buf_c VARCHAR2(22566);loc_b BLOB;buf_b RAW(22566);loc_nc NCLOB;buf_nc NVARCHAR2(22566);BEGINselect "CONTENT" into loc_c from "VNSOCIAL_DATA"."NEWS" where "ID" = '4FB6AD610838CCF69F14097B226F1A85' and "TITLE" = 'Vietnamese representative shares first photos at Miss World 2021' and "PUBLISHER" IS NULL and "PUBLISH_DATE" = TO_DATE('2022-03-15 11:33:38', 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS') and "PROVINCE" IS NULL and "LINK" = 'https://vietnamnet.vn/en/entertainment-travel/vietnamese-representative-shares-first-photos-at-miss-world-2021-822839.html' and "DESCRIPTION" = 'The Vietnamese representative at Miss World 2021, Do Thi Ha, has just shared her first photos taken with other contestants after returning to Puerto Rico to compete in the grand final of the pageant.' and "NUM_LIKE" IS NULL and "NUM_SHARE" IS NULL and "TAGS" = 'Miss World 2021, miss vietnam Do Thi Ha, pueto rico, beauty pageants, vietnamese beauty queens, vietnamnet global, vietnamnet news, vietnam news' and "TOPIC" IS NULL and "THUMB_URL" IS NULL and "ORIGINAL_URL" IS NULL and "KEYWORDS" IS NULL and "NEW_HASH" IS NULL and "PUBLISHER_ID" IS NULL and "PUBLISHER_DOMAINN" IS NULL and "INSERT_TIME" = TO_TIMESTAMP('2022-03-15 11:34:45.') and "IS_INDEXING" = '1' and "IMAGE_URLS" = 'https://vnn-imgs-a1.vgcloud.vn/i.dtinews.vn/images/editor/images/lanhieu/32022/14/Big/275843017_1359850604428226_7145612064825322818_n.jpg,[https://vnn-imgs-a1.vgcloud.vn/media.vov.vn/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/2022-03/275782299_1359850587761561_1771797289268322859_n.jpg,[https://vnn-imgs-a1.vgcloud.vn/i.dtinews.vn/images/editor/images/lanhieu/32022/14/Big/275750342_1359850597761560_2431341898356123734_n.jpg]]' and "FROM_CRAWLER" = 'np' and "LANGUAGE" = 'vi' and "IS_MENTION_VN" = '0' and "IS_AUTO_DATE" = '1' and "DOMAIN" = 'vietnamnet.vn' and "USER_NAME" = '"This will be fixed soon so please don''t worry for me," she wrote. "I hope you will continue to support me to qualify for the final 12 contestants."' for update;at io.debezium.connector.oracle.logminer.parser.SelectLobParser.parseOperator(SelectLobParser.java:235)at io.debezium.connector.oracle.logminer.parser.SelectLobParser.parseWhere(SelectLobParser.java:192)at io.debezium.connector.oracle.logminer.parser.SelectLobParser.parse(SelectLobParser.java:73)... 16 more

      I use Oracle database 12c, Debezium 1.8.1.Final
      Full log is attached

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