Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.7.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-3692] - Implement incremental snapshotting for Oracle
  • [DBZ-3752] - Implement a LogMiner event buffer SPI


  • [DBZ-3265] - UI frontend build fails for exported checkout which has no .git dir
  • [DBZ-3430] - Broken links in Avro and Outbox Event Router documentation
  • [DBZ-3590] - Cassandra connector generates invalid schema name for its CDC records
  • [DBZ-3623] - Support invisible columns with MySql 8.0.23+
  • [DBZ-3632] - Db2Connector is unable to establish validation connection
  • [DBZ-3655] - Status stays in RUNNING for Postgres Connector after Postgres is stopped
  • [DBZ-3677] - Change connection validation log level for better visibility
  • [DBZ-3684] - OracleSchemaMigrationIT can throw false positive test failures if test artifacts remain
  • [DBZ-3686] - MySQL Connector error after execute a "create role" statement
  • [DBZ-3716] - ERROR in Entry module not found: Error: Can't resolve './src'
  • [DBZ-3717] - Error parsing query, even with database.history.skip.unparseable.ddl
  • [DBZ-3718] - Support for TABLE_TYPE missing form MySQL grammar
  • [DBZ-3723] - Oracle LogMiner DdlParser Error
  • [DBZ-3725] - Debezium mysql connector plugin throws SQL syntax error during incremental snapshot
  • [DBZ-3755] - DDL statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-3759] - Debezium Oracle connector stops with DDL parsing error
  • [DBZ-3769] - Exception thrown from getTableColumnsFromDatabase
  • [DBZ-3791] - Incorrect regex parsing in start script of kafka image
  • [DBZ-3794] - Dropdown items list visibility blocked by wizard footer
  • [DBZ-3795] - Permission issues with DB2 example image


  • [DBZ-1709] - Make consumer of outbox example more resilient
  • [DBZ-1749] - Set up CI for debezium-examples repo
  • [DBZ-2552] - Refactor LogMinerHelper and SqlUtils
  • [DBZ-3050] - Implement tests for UI components
  • [DBZ-3140] - Add documentation about new capturing implementation for the MySQL connector to downstream product
  • [DBZ-3155] - Remove JSimpleParser
  • [DBZ-3433] - Ability to build KC image with Apicurio converters
  • [DBZ-3581] - Remove `` deprecated options
  • [DBZ-3681] - Un-document deprecated options and metrics
  • [DBZ-3683] - Capture changes made by connector user & document that SYS/SYSTEM changes are not captured
  • [DBZ-3685] - Use Debezium thread factory for PG keep-alive
  • [DBZ-3695] - Time for another community newsletter
  • [DBZ-3699] - Improve signalling documentation
  • [DBZ-3705] - Example end-to-end fails due to an API incompatibility with Maven 3.6+
  • [DBZ-3706] - Example debezium-server-name-mapper fails due to an API incompatibility with Maven 3.6+
  • [DBZ-3711] - Doc clarification on connector rewrite
  • [DBZ-3724] - Support RHEL deployments in system-test tooling
  • [DBZ-3747] - Misc. tutorial updates
  • [DBZ-3772] - Update Oracle connector deployment instructions for consistency


  • [DBZ-3209] - Remove `artifacts.url` property from UI config.js
  • [DBZ-3366] - Do not mark offset for commit log files with error
  • [DBZ-3577] - Support read-only MySQL connection in incremental snapshot
  • [DBZ-3668] - CloudEventsConverter does not support Oracle, Db2, or Vitess
  • [DBZ-3671] - Allow usernames to be excluded in logminer query
  • [DBZ-3756] - Track Oracle session PGA memory consumption
  • [DBZ-3770] - Performance issue due to inefficient ObjectMapper initialization
  • [DBZ-3789] - Add more smoke tests

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