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Implement a LogMiner event buffer SPI


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      It would be useful to introduce an SPI that allows events read from LogMiner to be managed in different ways such as:

      • An in-memory buffer like what the connector currently uses
      • A JCache backed buffer that can be persisted
      • A JDBC backed buffer that can be persisted in the local Oracle database or a remote database (followed up by DBZ-3798)

      The LogMiner event buffer SPI is meant to address a few concerns:

      • Allow advancing the SCN values in offsets more regularly
      • Handle long-running transactions without memory overhead when using persist backed buffer solutions
      • Allow resuming the connector with SCN offsets that are closer to real-time when events are persisted via the buffer
      • Allows using certain techniques to perform bulk operations more easily on data, i.e. JDBC backed buffers would allow bulk record filtering & processing

            ccranfor@redhat.com Chris Cranford
            ccranfor@redhat.com Chris Cranford
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