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Broken links in Avro and Outbox Event Router documentation




      9.6. Configuring Debezium connectors to use Avro serialization

      For information about setting up this registry, see the documentation for Red Hat Integration - Service Registry.

      In the 2021 Q1 release, the link resolves to https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_integration/2021.Q1/html-single/getting_started_with_service_registry/index and returns a 404 error.

      There is no service registry release in Q1, so the link should resolve to the Service Registry 1.1 documentation in 2020-q4 release:


      fbolton Is there some way for us to use attributes to target the last release of a given RHI component? Link maintenance becomes challenging if we have to manually track these sorts of updates with every release. Perhaps it's best just to target the product pages?

      9.6.1. About the Service Registry

      Red Hat Integration - Service Registry provides the following components that work with Avro:

      This link returns a 404 error. Same comment as above. I.e, if I substitute 2020-q4 as the version identifier in the URL, the correct pages opens.

      9.6.2. Overview of deploying a Debezium connector that uses Avro serialization

      1. Deploy a Red Hat Integration - Service Registry instance by following the instructions in Getting Started with Service Registry.

      This link returns 404 error.

      Same comment as above.

      9.6.3. Deploying connectors that use Avro in Debezium containers

      1. Deploy an instance of Service Registry. See Getting Started with Service Registry, Installing Service Registry from the OpenShift OperatorHub, which provides instructions for:

      This link returns 404 error.

      Same comment as above.

      The following two issues are fixed in GitLab PR 585:

      9.7.1. Example of a Debezium outbox message
      This example of a Debezium outbox message is based on the default outbox event router configuration, which assumes an outbox table structure and event routing based on aggregates.

      This link points to the top page of this document but not to specific chapter/section.

      In the 2021.q1 documentation that is published to the Customer Portal, the link resolves to:

      https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_integration/2021.Q1/html-single/debezium_user_guide/index#outbox-event-router-configuration-options, which targets the expected moduleID.

      However, in the product documentation, the ID of the target topic does not use the ModuleID that the source file specifies for downstream use (options-for-configuring-outbox-event-router-transformation). As a result, the link fails.

      fbolton As with the version issue, I'm concerned about maintenance if manual steps are required for every downstream update. There are quite a number cases of broken links that result from a similar mismatch with the expected downstream IDs. It seems that the content isn't able to support the different upstream and downstream IDs. Might we have to revert all of the ModuleID declarations and always use the upstream anchor ID?
      (Or alternatlvely, conditionalize the ID references in the links to point to the downstream IDs when necessary). TBH, I'm still confused about when and whether the link text is supposed to be modified when the files are fetched and the fix-link utility is run.

      -Table 9.8. Descriptions of outbox event router SMT configuration options (9.7.6 in revised doc)-

      Configuration examples are in emitting additional fields in Debezium outbox messages.

      This link points to the top page of this document. It should link to Section 9.7.5. Emitting additional fields in Debezium outbox messages

      Another ID mismatch downstream. The ModuleID of the downstream topic is set to emitting-additional-fields-in-debezium-outbox-messages, but the link URL points to the upstream anchor ID, emitting-messages-with-additional-fields.




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