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Improve management for Helm in the console



    • Allow for management of Helm Chart Repos for the Dev Catalog
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    • HELM-74Improve Helm support for the entire Developer Experience
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      1. Allow a mechanism to change the default Helm Chart Repository.
      2. As a cluster admin, I would like to have multiple Helm Chart repositories configured for my cluster so that the end-users (developers) I support can have a broader set of packaged applications they need.
      3. Allow a cluster admin to hide (1) charts from the catalog and (2) Helm from dev console nav

      Exploration Results

      1. GA feature, thus should be properly documented
      2. GA feature, thus need to provide enablement
      3. Include in what's new RHD blog and consider for improved usability blog


      Initial Epic Exploration

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. As an admin, I should be able to add new Chart Repositories (CR mechanism is fine)
      2. As an admin, I should be able to remove Chart Repositories, including the default (CR mechanism is fine)
      3. As an admin, I don't want anyone to be able to use helm charts (remove it from +Add, Navigation & Catalogs)
      4. As an admin, I'd like a Quick Start to show me how to manage Helm Chart Repositories
      1. As a dev, I want to see the name of the chart repo on the Chart card in the catalog
      2. As a dev, I want to be able to easily distinguish between 2 charts with the same name coming from different Chart Repos
      3. As a dev, I want to be able to filter my catalog by chart repo, assuming multiple repos are configured
      4. As a dev, I want to get more insight into the charts at the catalog level, so I don't have to click on them & see the side panel for the details


      • Need to do some design exploration if we'd want to provide the developer with a way to select which chart repo they'd like to see charts from in the Dev Catalog.

      Re: ability to just change the default Helm Repo


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