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[GA] Allow customer managed DNS solutions for GCP: Implementation


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    • OCPSTRAT-261[Outcome] Support external DNS for OpenShift on Cloud Providers (Phase II)
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      As an administrator, I would like to use my own managed DNS solution instead of only specific openshift-install supported DNS services (such as AWS Route53, Google Cloud DNS, etc...) for my OpenShift deployment.



      While cloud-based DNS services provide convenient hostname management, there's a number of regulatory (ITAR) and operational constraints customers face prohibiting the use of those DNS hosting services on public cloud providers.


      Why is this important:

      • Provides customers with the flexibility to leverage their own custom managed ingress DNS solutions already in use within their organizations.
      • Required for regions like AWS GovCloud in which many customers may not be able to use the Route53 service (only for commercial customers) for both internal or ingress DNS.
      • OpenShift managed internal DNS solution ensures cluster operation and nothing breaks during updates.


      Dependencies (internal and external):


      Prioritized epics + deliverables (in scope / not in scope):

      • Ability to bootstrap cluster without an OpenShift managed internal DNS service running yet
      • Scalable, cluster (internal) DNS solution that's not dependent on the operation of the control plane (in case it goes down)
      • Ability to automatically propagate DNS record updates to all nodes running the DNS service within the cluster
      • Option for connecting cluster to customers ingress DNS solution already in place within their organization


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      Link to Epic: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OBrfC4x81PHhpPrC5SEjixzg4eBnnxCZDr-5h3yF2QI/edit?usp=sharing

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