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Deploy Workflow CR in devmode


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    • 2023 Week 03-05 (from Jan 16), 2023 Week 06-08 (from Feb 6)

      See more information in this doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F27YqQiLtuye1SWJBaLA0wiKfgP7dONy0gU6T4b9Jn8/edit?usp=share_link

      The Workflow CR should be deployed in devmode if defined in the CRD spec:

         - devmode: true

      In this case, the operator must deploy the workflow as a vanilla k8s deployment using the Kogito SWF Builder image in Quarkus Dev Mode (see KOGITO-8469).

      The SW Specification should be mapped as an external ConfigMap mounted in the deployment's volume.

      This ConfigMap should be owned by the controller and not accept changes from the outside. As a developer changes the CR, the changes should be propagated in the volume without having the pod to be deleted.

      The changes must be available after a few seconds.

      Application properties and External resources will be handled in a different JIRA.

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