Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.23.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-4806] - Track which version of the Operator deployed a KogitoRuntime
  • [KOGITO-6980] - Support "completionType" and "numCompleted" for Parallel State in Serverless Workflow
  • [KOGITO-7057] - [KSW][OpenAPI] - Add Token Propagation support to OpenAPI Extension
  • [KOGITO-7113] - Use Quarkus Extension OpenAPI client gen VI: Modify examples to use the extension
  • [KOGITO-7131] - Add gRPC operation type to Serverless funtions
  • [KOGITO-7218] - Add grpc integration test for Serverless Workflow
  • [KOGITO-7235] - Add endpoint to get source file content, remove rolesAllowed and rename paths


  • [KOGITO-6116] - Not possible to override kogito.service.url parameter on native image
  • [KOGITO-6904] - Bpmn parallel async rest calls fail
  • [KOGITO-7063] - Enums with same value
  • [KOGITO-7165] - Drools release pipeline: Antora documentation handling in release pipeline is not working
  • [KOGITO-7174] - SW creates duplicated values when no workflow data is passed as parameter
  • [KOGITO-7223] - Broken support for string expression in call to openapi
  • [KOGITO-7238] - A memory leak was discovered during a simple load test
  • [KOGITO-7243] - Workflow with no function definition are not working
  • [KOGITO-7318] - jsonpath expression eval failure when jsonnode contains SECRET or WORKFLOW properties
  • [KOGITO-7323] - BDD: Scenario `Deploy process-postgresql-persistence-quarkus service with native enabled using PostgreSQL` is failing


  • [KOGITO-6785] - Serverless Workflow Correlation integration with runtime
  • [KOGITO-6951] - Research on what we need to let a Kogito service to be a Knative Sink
  • [KOGITO-7000] - Do not build examples when building only supporting services images
  • [KOGITO-7177] - Setup PR check/Nightly against Quarkus LTS version
  • [KOGITO-7241] - Exclude OptaPlanner Drools from Trusty
  • [KOGITO-7327] - Remove deprecated addons modules


  • [KOGITO-4718] - PostgreSQL addon to be compatible with quarkus-reactive-pg-client extension
  • [KOGITO-6854] - [KSW-Guides] Create a Getting Started for SW Quarkus guide
  • [KOGITO-7064] - Allow persistence to use Java serialization instead of protobuf generation
  • [KOGITO-7222] - Update Integration Tests of SW to use the newly Quarkus OpenAPI extension
  • [KOGITO-7317] - Align Data Index Dev Service image version with Kogito extension version

Quality Risk

  • [KOGITO-7127] - kogito-serverless-workflow-utils: Extend tests for ExpressionHandlerUtils

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