Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.8.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-3611] - "table" is null for table.include.list and column.include.list
  • [DBZ-3708] - Debezium server crashes when deleting a record from a SQLServer table (redis sink)
  • [DBZ-3710] - Invalid default value error on captured table DDL with default value
  • [DBZ-4107] - Incremental snapshot doesn't work without primary key
  • [DBZ-4137] - Error: PostgresDefaultValueConverter - Cannot parse column default value 'NULL::numeric' to type 'numeric'. Expression evaluation is not supported.
  • [DBZ-4160] - Container images for Apache Kafka and ZooKeeper fail to start up
  • [DBZ-4167] - Debezium 1.7 image disables unsecure algorithms. Breaks unpatched databases
  • [DBZ-4174] - DDL statement couldn't be parsed - Modify Column
  • [DBZ-4194] - DML statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-4204] - Debezium log miner processes get terminated with ORA-04030 error in idle database environment.
  • [DBZ-4206] - DDL with Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY cannot be parsed
  • [DBZ-4208] - DDL with Oracle sequence as default for primary key fails schema generation
  • [DBZ-4210] - io.debezium.text.ParsingException: DDL statement couldn't be parsed. Please open a Jira issue with the statement 'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS condition'
  • [DBZ-4215] - Support MySQL Dual Passwords in DDL Parser
  • [DBZ-4222] - Debezium Metrics not being set correctly
  • [DBZ-4229] - CREATE PROCEDURE DDL throws ParsingException
  • [DBZ-4230] - Exception ORA-00310 is not gracefully handled during streaming
  • [DBZ-4233] - CHAR / NCHAR precision is not correctly derived from DDL statements
  • [DBZ-4240] - Oracle connector parses NUMBER(*,0) as NUMBER(0,0) in DDL
  • [DBZ-4244] - Signal based incremental snapshot is failing if database name contains dash
  • [DBZ-4245] - SQL Server connector doesn't handle retriable errors during database state transitions
  • [DBZ-4246] - Does Debezium support database using charset GB18030?
  • [DBZ-4254] - Broken anchors in Debezium Documentation
  • [DBZ-4255] - Reduce verbosity of logging Oracle memory metrics
  • [DBZ-4257] - When Debezium executes `select *` in the snapshot phase, it does not catch the sql exception, resulting in confusing exceptions and logs


  • [DBZ-3626] - Rename "master" branches to "main" for remaining repos
  • [DBZ-3929] - Support Oracle Logminer docker image in system level test-suite
  • [DBZ-4129] - Missing documentation for max.iteration.transactions option
  • [DBZ-4148] - Use topic auto-creation UI backend endpoint
  • [DBZ-4200] - Remove superfluous build triggers
  • [DBZ-4238] - Tag debezium/tooling:1.2 version
  • [DBZ-4241] - Rework MySqlTimestampColumnIT test
  • [DBZ-4252] - Remove unused code
  • [DBZ-4258] - Optimize tooling image
  • [DBZ-4268] - Change DB2 image in testsuite to use private registry


  • [DBZ-3966] - TableChangesSerializer ignored defaultValue and enumValues
  • [DBZ-4029] - Support for heartbeat action queries for MySQL
  • [DBZ-4077] - Expose the transaction topicname as a config
  • [DBZ-4159] - Store buffered events in separate Infinispan cache
  • [DBZ-4172] - Improvement to the topic creation step
  • [DBZ-4197] - Process transaction started/committed in MySQL read-only incremental snapshot
  • [DBZ-4227] - Ability to use base image from authenticated registry with KC build mechanism
  • [DBZ-4231] - Remove SqlServerConnector database.user Required Validator
  • [DBZ-4242] - Specify database hot name as for Oracle connector tests CI
  • [DBZ-4261] - Suport all charsets in MySQL parser

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