Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.7.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-3920] - Hyper-link references between options in the Outbox SMT options table


  • [DBZ-3713] - RedisStreamChangeConsumer - handleBatch - client.xadd should be wrapped with a try catch block
  • [DBZ-3776] - Incorrect information in documentation about supplemental logging
  • [DBZ-3892] - DML statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-3898] - DEBEZIUM producer stops unexpectedly trying to change column in table which does not exist
  • [DBZ-3912] - "binary.handling.mode": "hex" setting works incorrectly for values with trailing zeros
  • [DBZ-3924] - System test-suite is unable to work with unreleased Apicurio versions
  • [DBZ-3932] - CI support for running Apicurio registry tests
  • [DBZ-3935] - Incorrect validation of truncate handling mode
  • [DBZ-3937] - protobuf decoder has sends unsigned long as signed for Postgres 13
  • [DBZ-3943] - Field#description() should return a proper java.lang.String when documentation/description is not set
  • [DBZ-3944] - MySQL example image not working after upgrade to 8.0
  • [DBZ-3947] - Fix empty high watermark check
  • [DBZ-3954] - Oracle Connector replicating data from all PDBs. Missing PDB filter during replication.
  • [DBZ-3962] - Oracle connector Parsing Exception: DDL statement couldn't be parsed
  • [DBZ-3968] - FormSwitchComponent not working correctly in case of duplicate STM form
  • [DBZ-3969] - Strings with binary collation shouldn't be parsed as Types.BINARY by MySqlAntlrDdlParser.
  • [DBZ-3970] - Openshift pods list image preview not found
  • [DBZ-3976] - has typo
  • [DBZ-3984] - Mysql-Connector fails parsing invalid decimal format DDL statement
  • [DBZ-4001] - Connection Factory is not used when validating SQL Server Connector


  • [DBZ-3584] - Promote Outbox SMT to GA
  • [DBZ-3613] - Clarify lifecycle of snapshot metrics
  • [DBZ-3748] - Explore on building non-core repos with corresponding PR branch of core repo and vice-versa
  • [DBZ-3787] - Upgrade to binlog-client 0.25.3
  • [DBZ-3818] - RelationalSnapshotChangeEventSource should accept a RelationalDatabaseSchema
  • [DBZ-3822] - Create GH Action that flags "octocat" commits
  • [DBZ-3908] - CI preparation for Apicurio Registry downstream
  • [DBZ-3913] - Specify branch name on push/pull_request step in all GH action workflows
  • [DBZ-3917] - Consistently order releases from new to old on the website
  • [DBZ-3918] - Update
  • [DBZ-3922] - Update antora.yml file with new values for SMT attributes
  • [DBZ-3923] - Documentation update should not trigger staging workflow build
  • [DBZ-3927] - Upgrade to Jackson Databind version
  • [DBZ-3931] - Add top-level Transformation menu node for downstream docs
  • [DBZ-3934] - Docker image serving plugin artifacts over HTTP for new Strimzi deployment mechanism
  • [DBZ-3936] - Upgrade MySQL example image to 8.0
  • [DBZ-3939] - Migrate to Fedora base image
  • [DBZ-3958] - Gracefully handle DB history file stored in a sym-linked directory
  • [DBZ-3961] - Update docs to specify that connectors track metadata only for transactions that occur after deployment
  • [DBZ-3965] - Update and automate Jenkis Node setup


  • [DBZ-2525] - Generify exclusion of columns from snapshotting
  • [DBZ-3698] - PoC for adding transformations / SMT steps to the Debezium UI
  • [DBZ-3888] - Use No match found of pf Empty state component in filter page.
  • [DBZ-3916] - Update the "Skip to review" implementation as per PF new documented standard design pattern
  • [DBZ-3973] - Set up MongoDB 5.0 image

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