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Update docs to specify that connectors track metadata only for transactions that occur after deployment


      Per a request from lucamaf it would be helpful to clarify that connectors begin to track metadata only after Debezium is installed and configured. Metadata for transactions that occur prior to that is not available. To address the issue, insert a prominently placed note to this effect in the transaction metadata sections in the different connector docs.

      In addition, for the downstream docs, fix broken links to the Transaction metadata topics for each of the connectors from the property table descriptions for the provide.transaction.metadata property in the Required or Advanced connector configuration properties tables. These links are broken in the RHIQ3-2021 version of the following connector docs, because they incorrectly target the upstream anchor ID vs. the downstream ModuleIDs:

        • Db2 ( {ref-descriptions-of-debezium-db2-connector-configuration-properties.adoc}

          ): Properties table link targets db2-transaction-metadata.-
          The correct downstream link target is debezium-db2-connector-generated-events-that-represent-transaction-boundaries

        • MongoDB (ref-mongodb-connector-properties.adoc): Properties table link targets mongodb-transaction-metadata-
          The correct downstream link target is debezium-mongodb-connector-generated-events-that-represent-transaction-boundaries
        • Oracle( {ref-descriptions-of-debezium-oracle-connector-configuration-properties.adoc}

          ): Required properties table link targets oracle-transaction-metadata.-
          The correct downstream link target is debezium-oracle-connector-generated-events-that-represent-transaction-boundaries

        • SQL Server (ref-descriptions-of-debezium-sql-server-connector-configuration-properties.adoc): Advanced SQL Server connector configuration properties link targets sqlserver-transaction-metadata.-
          The correct downstream link target is debezium-sql-server-connector-generated-events-that-represent-transaction-boundaries

      The links work downstream for MySQL, because the upstream and downstream IDs are identical.
      The links work for PG because they were manually updated downstream to replace the anchor ID with the ModuleID.

      Because a permanent fix for the broken links requires that we resolve the way that documentation tooling converts links in the upstream files, I moved the task of fixing those to a separate issue, DBZ-3997.

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