Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.4.0.Alpha1 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-2344] - Intermittent test failure on CI - RecordsStreamProducerIT#shouldReceiveHeartbeatAlsoWhenChangingNonWhitelistedTable()

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-2463] - Implement a CDC connector for Vitess
  • [DBZ-2582] - SqlServer - Skip processing of LSNs not associated with change table entries.


  • [DBZ-2473] - The snapshot metric RemainingTableCount doesnt decrement if a table is skipped
  • [DBZ-2559] - Cant override environment variables
  • [DBZ-2584] - Inconsistencies in PostgreSQL Connector Docs
  • [DBZ-2597] - ConcurrentModificationException during exporting data for a mongodb collection in a sharded cluster
  • [DBZ-2604] - Mysql connector didn't pass the default db charset to the column definition
  • [DBZ-2609] - [Doc] " unknown: Not Found" error occurs
  • [DBZ-2610] - [Doc] "Error: no context directory and no Containerfile specified" error occurs
  • [DBZ-2624] - SqlExceptions using dbz with Oracle on RDS online logs and logminer
  • [DBZ-2629] - Mining session stopped - task killed/SQL operation cancelled - Oracle LogMiner
  • [DBZ-2639] - Unparseable DDL: Using 'trigger' as table alias in view creation
  • [DBZ-2641] - Antlr DDL parser fails to interpret BLOB([size])
  • [DBZ-2643] - MySQL Connector keeps stale offset metadata after is changed
  • [DBZ-2653] - WAL logs are not flushed in Postgres Connector
  • [DBZ-2660] - Debezium server Event Hubs plugin support in v1.3
  • [DBZ-2661] - Cassandra Connector doesn't use log4j for logging correctly
  • [DBZ-2670] - Should Allow NonAsciiCharacter in SQL
  • [DBZ-2671] - MariaDB nextval function is not supported in grammar
  • [DBZ-2680] - Sanitize field name do not santize sub struct field
  • [DBZ-2688] - Debezium fails if a non-existing view with the same name as existing table is dropped


  • [DBZ-2127] - Merge MySQL doc source files into one again
  • [DBZ-2497] - Metrics links duplicate anchor IDs
  • [DBZ-2551] - Slim down Vitess container image
  • [DBZ-2611] - Modify release peipeline to support per-connector repos e.g. Vitess
  • [DBZ-2618] - Add Vitess connector to Kafka Connect container image
  • [DBZ-2621] - User Guide Documentation corrections for PostgreSQL
  • [DBZ-2623] - Checkstyle should be built as a part of GH check formatting action
  • [DBZ-2626] - Upgrade MySQL JDBC driver to version 8.0.19
  • [DBZ-2635] - Add support for multiple shard GTIDs in VGTID
  • [DBZ-2645] - Add documentation for Vitess connector
  • [DBZ-2648] - Restrict matrix job configurations to run only on Slaves
  • [DBZ-2658] - Upgrade JUnit to 4.13.1
  • [DBZ-2669] - Avoid parsing generated files in Checkstyle
  • [DBZ-2674] - Update debezium/awestruct image to use Antora 2.3.4
  • [DBZ-2681] - Fix doc typos and minor format glitches for downstream rendering


  • [DBZ-2456] - Allow to specify subset of captured tables to be snapshotted
  • [DBZ-2496] - Implement snapshot select override behavior for MongoDB
  • [DBZ-2631] - Asciidoc block titles are rendered the same as regular text
  • [DBZ-2632] - Allow closing of hung JDBC connection
  • [DBZ-2642] - Hide stacktrace when default value for SQL Server cannot be parsed

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