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Fix doc typos and minor format glitches for downstream rendering




      After fetching content from master, and building the downstream Debezium User Guide, I found that these updates are needed: 

      • postgresql.adoc
        • Update the annotations for the descriptions of change events. The delete event section is missing its
          // Type: continue
          annotation. And there should no longer be separate xrefs for the specific kinds of event types. 
        • Check toplevel product-only list of xrefs - should point to new assembly anchor ID for deployment
        • In the new deployment content, there is a plus sign missing before “The command creates a Docker ….”
        • Also in the new deployment section, in the EOF step, replace << with & less than attributes and replace > with ampersand greater than attribute.
        • Also in new deployment section, add “subs-”+attributes” to the source listing that refers to the KafkaConnectorAPI version. Probably need to make sure it uses the attribute. 
        • ref-descriptions-of-debezium-postgresql-connector-configuration-properties
          The include.list property has a period where it needs a hyphen in the anchor ID. - couldn't find this, hopefully it was fixed. 
      • mysql.adoc
        • ref-monitoring-debezium-mysql-connector-binlog-reading has a period where it needs a comma in the <<  >> link for NotWellFormedWhatevers
        • upstream typo, there is a space in the anchor ID for: monitoring-debezium-mysql-connector-schema history
      • db2.adoc
        • Search for “<>” and insert 1. - couldn't find this. Hopefully, it was fixed already. 
        • This is causing a downstream problem so move one of them to be before the annotations and then add a blank line. 


      • event-flattening.adoc
        • The Behavior section is not getting split properly. Maybe add a source anchor ID?


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