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External DB driver not working - build config required in Operator for extensions image settings



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    • 7.7.0.GA
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    • 2020 Week 01-03 (from Dec 30), 2020 Week 04-06 (from Jan 20)


      In RHPAM-1558, a new way of providing drivers for external database servers has ben introduced in the template deployment. The old way has been removed from the product at that time.

      In KIECLOUD-322 , the change was to be replicated in Operator, but a misunderstanding meant that the implementation was not complete.

      Te requirement is that, if the EXTENSIONS_IMAGE setting (currently an environment variable) is set, an additional build config be added, building a KIE server image with an S2I process using the EXTENSIONS_IMAGE and EXTENSIONS_IMAGE_NAMESPACE setting. This build config can, in the current release, be seen in the rhpam75-prod-immutable-kieserver.yaml template.

      The build config is needed only if "external" database is selected for the KIE server.

      Without the build config, the KIE server has only mysql and postgresql database server drivers. Therefore, the KIE server is unable to communicate to any other external database servers, such as Oracle, DB2 or MS SQL. And the majority use case for the "external" setting is indeed Oracle, DB2, or MS SQL or similar.

      If this change is not implemented for 7.6, we need to note in Known Issues that external database (except mysql or postgresql) is not supported in Operator.


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