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Service Mesh - CNI Conformance Test Suite



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      In conjunction with certifying OVN as a CNI plugin (OSSM-282), we should develop and document conformance tests

      This includes:

      • Policy requirements - a document list of the requirements/tests that are part of the conformance test.
        • member namespaces can talk to each other
        • member namespaces can talk to the control plane
        • namespaces outside of the mesh cannot talk to member namespaces by default
        • ingress gateways can be contacted by ingress controllers even if they're outside the mesh
        • kiali, prometheus, jaeger and grafana are accessible from outside the mesh
      • The test harness itself (A script in a Github repo that a partner can execute)
      • A method to analyze the results that produces a pass/fail (so that we don't have to review results, ideally provides feedback on any issues encountered).

      For the test suite, while Kubernetes E2E test suite is one possibility, it can be written in any format or framework. Likewise, there are no format restrictions on the output, though it should provide a clear pass/fail result.


      Can be incorporated into the main suite: https://redhat-connect.gitbook.io/openshift-badges/badges/container-network-interface-cni/workflow/running-the-cni-tests (instructions to run the test and revaluate the results).

      Page to review results of test results (add comment for Mesh test suite): 




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