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Allow use of CNI implementations not in allow-list


    • Sprint 9, Sprint 10

      In our current implementation (pkg/controller/servicemesh/memberroll/namespace_reconciler.go#L88-L129) the operator fails with "unsupported network type" when a user attempts to use a CNI implementation which we have not blessed (for example Cisco ACI, Contrail, etc)

      Community users are unlikely to be using OpenShiftSDN, due to the fact that OKD is still being refactored. There are also a growing number of partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) integrating with OpenShift. We should allow for the use of other CNI implementations while informing the user that they are using a CNI implementation unsupported by Red Hat (meaning they need to contact the CNI vendor for assistance).

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • define a set compliance tests that CNI providers will have to run to show they're compatible with Service Mesh (covered by OSSM-297)
      • add a list of certified CNI providers to documentation
      • add a warning to documentation (if you're using uncertified providers, we don't support it)
      • remove whitelist checks in operator
      • Add an WARNING or INFO log line to indicate the CNI provider being used.
      • we should collect telemetry data about CNI providers used by customers
      • include data about CNI providers in must-gather report

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