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Build Early Access site as an update site, not a TP


    • Sprint #1 April 2015, Sprint #2 April 2015

      Since the JBT/JBDS Early Access site contains only JBT components, we should build it as an update site at the same time we're building the other JBT aggregates, rather than building it downstream from Central.

      This would mean less target platform churning DURING a release, and speed up the way we do releases.

      Later, if we end up with 3rd party stuff in EA, we can move to having TWO builds:

      • one for JBT content (a subset of the JBT aggregate) and
      • one for 3rd party content (an adjunct to the Central site)

      This may mean moving some stuff like Sapphire into the JBDS TP, so that it's available should someone want to install Arquillian into JBDS. Or we could put it into Central, since it's a Central-EA dependency and need not be in JBDS itself.

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