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Central can't load Discovery catalog


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    • 4.3.0.Alpha2
    • 4.3.0.Alpha2
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      Both locally and with install-grinder, after installing nighly build from master, Central compains about "no connectors" found.

      The URL of the catalog seems right ( http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/discovery/nightly/core/master/jbosstools-directory.xml ), referenced plugins are existing and seem to have right content.

      Log says

      !ENTRY org.eclipse.mylyn.discovery.core 4 0 2015-03-19 10:22:00.223
      !MESSAGE Unknown category 'org.jboss.tools.central.discovery.a.web' referenced by connector 'angularjs-eclipse-feature' declared in org.jboss.tools.central.discovery.earlyaccess_4.3.0.Alpha2_v20150318_0819_B3421.jar_8982963591780016496.jar

      I looked at jbosstoold-discovery history to see whether there was a suspicious change since last success (March 13th for install-grinder) and couldn't see anything related.

            mistria@redhat.com Mickael Istria
            mistria@redhat.com Mickael Istria
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