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Separate JBT and JBDS Central and EA sites


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      Currently, we have to repeat (and update very often) some JBT artifacts in the Central .target files because JBDS needs them.
      This adds some long steps to the JBT staging process ( https://github.com/jbdevstudio/jbdevstudio-devdoc/blob/master/release_guide/8.0/JBT42_Staging_For_QE.adoc#rebuild-target-platforms-for-central-and-early-access ), whereas this is a JBDS need.

      So we should split the content of Central/EA update sites for JBT and JBDS, and have them separated in distinct .target files: a Central/EA couple for JBT and another Central/EA couple for JBDS. JBDS only would add the necessary addition that are part of JBT but not part of JBDS.

      Since we're there, it would even be cleaner to have those artifacts in distinct repo, so that JBDS wouldn't leak in JBT.

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