Release Notes - Debezium - Version 2.1.0.Beta1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-5811] - Postgres: Disable LSN confirmation to database


  • [DBZ-4941] - Handle toasted String array
  • [DBZ-5776] - Cassandra deletes log files on exit when real time processing is enabled
  • [DBZ-5800] - ReplicationConnectionIT test fails
  • [DBZ-5804] - MongoDB docs for incremental snapshots is SQL specific
  • [DBZ-5812] - Conflicting documentation for snapshot.mode property in MongoDB connector v2.0
  • [DBZ-5855] - IllegalStateException is thrown if task is recovering while other tasks are running
  • [DBZ-5880] - Negative decimal number scale is not supported by Avro
  • [DBZ-5882] - Connector deployment instructions provide incorrect Maven path for Debezium scripting component
  • [DBZ-5883] - Incorrect Streams Kafka version in connector deployment instructions for creating a custom image
  • [DBZ-5895] - Run postgres connector RecordsStreamProducerIT failed
  • [DBZ-5904] - Suppport INSERT INTO statements with dots in column names
  • [DBZ-5906] - Incorrect default value for additional-condition docs
  • [DBZ-5908] - ConnectorLifecycle is not logging anymore the exception stacktrace when startup fails
  • [DBZ-5911] - Debezium Server stops with NPE when Redis does not report the "maxmemory" field in "info memory" command
  • [DBZ-5914] - PostgresConnectorIT#shouldAckLsnOnSourceByDefault and #shouldNotAckLsnOnSource fails
  • [DBZ-5923] - Cassandra TimeUUID values should be encoded as string
  • [DBZ-5924] - SQL Server connector database.instance config option is ignored
  • [DBZ-5928] - Wrong java version in Installing Debezium documentation
  • [DBZ-5944] - Toasted varchar array is not correctly processed


  • [DBZ-2432] - Use static import for Assertions in all tests
  • [DBZ-3576] - Test window function in MySQL parser
  • [DBZ-5838] - Run test against Apicurio registry
  • [DBZ-5857] - Add tests against multinode RS and (ideally) sharded cluster
  • [DBZ-5885] - Update documentation for Debezium Server with Cassandra Connector
  • [DBZ-5887] - Allow CI deploy clusters to PSI
  • [DBZ-5888] - Mariadb and Mysql have different syntax
  • [DBZ-5889] - Execute IT tests in alphabetical order
  • [DBZ-5901] - Migrate debezium-server-nats-jetstream to AssertJ
  • [DBZ-5905] - Reduce jenkins jobs footprint
  • [DBZ-5922] - Move Debezium Cassandra connector out from incubation
  • [DBZ-5931] - Clean up "doSnapshot" config code
  • [DBZ-5932] - Version badge on README in Cassandra connector is stuck
  • [DBZ-5933] - Make startup of Cassandra container faster
  • [DBZ-5934] - Fix logging for tests for Cassandra connector


  • [DBZ-5847] - Realize data distribution according to specified fields
  • [DBZ-5912] - Replace simple string for range tombstones for JSON object
  • [DBZ-5940] - Support predicate parameters in Debezium Server
  • [DBZ-5941] - Use the Patternfly database icon as a placeholder for Oracle Database

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