Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.9.3.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-4600] - Allow mongodb-connector to decode Binary payloads


  • [DBZ-4780] - Error and connector stops when DDL contains lateral
  • [DBZ-4782] - Schema changes should flush SCN to offsets if there are no other active transactions
  • [DBZ-4792] - Connector stops streaming after a re-balance
  • [DBZ-4939] - MySQL connector increment snapshot failed parse datetime column lenth when connector set "snapshot.fetch.size": 20000
  • [DBZ-4958] - [MySQL Debezium] DDL Parsing error - CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE
  • [DBZ-5011] - InstanceAlreadyExistsException during MongoDb connector metrics registration
  • [DBZ-5014] - DateTimeParseException: Text 'infinity' could not be parsed in Postgres connector
  • [DBZ-5040] - Debezium official documentation typo
  • [DBZ-5063] - Fix inconsistent transaction id when handling transactional messages in Vitess connector
  • [DBZ-5074] - 4 Connections per connector (postgres)
  • [DBZ-5076] - Oracle documentation refers to archive_log_target rather than archive_lag_target
  • [DBZ-5077] - 'ALTER TABLE mytable DROP FOREIGN KEY IF EXISTS mytable_fk' no viable alternative at input 'ALTER TABLE mytable DROP FOREIGN KEY IF'
  • [DBZ-5085] - Oracle Logminer: records missed during switch from snapshot to streaming mode
  • [DBZ-5087] - Interrupting a snapshot process can hang for some JDBC drivers
  • [DBZ-5090] - Debezium fails to undo change event due to transaction id ending in ffffffff with LogMiner
  • [DBZ-5097] - Postgresql connector does not retry one some errors when postgres is taken offline
  • [DBZ-5099] - Parsing zero day fails
  • [DBZ-5105] - Cannot Set debezium.sink.kafka.producer.ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm to empty value
  • [DBZ-5108] - Debezium connector failed with create table statement
  • [DBZ-5112] - Current version of surefire/failsafe skips tests on failure in BeforeAll
  • [DBZ-5131] - Test IncrementalSnapshotIT##schemaChanges fails randomly
  • [DBZ-5134] - Cannot parse default value 0.000000000000000000 for bigint column
  • [DBZ-5137] - MilliSecondsBehindSource is not reported by SQL Server connector
  • [DBZ-5138] - Restarting mysql connector task fails with: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to register the MBean
  • [DBZ-5140] - No raising of "WARN Event for transaction X has already been processed, skipped."
  • [DBZ-5141] - Should be sleep with REGISTRATION_RETRY_DELAY when registry MBean failed
  • [DBZ-5148] - Oracle connector restarts after ORA-01291
  • [DBZ-5159] - TestContainers method DebeziumContainer#getConnectorTaskState can raise a NullPointerException
  • [DBZ-5166] - ExtractNewRecordState SMT Replaces Null Value with Column's Default Value
  • [DBZ-5179] - Oracle connector metrics tracking of rollback and abandoned transactions may cause high memory usage


  • [DBZ-4588] - Restructure documentation for custom converters
  • [DBZ-4734] - Document ** property for Postgres connector
  • [DBZ-5057] - Add FAQ about ORA-01882 and Oracle 11 to documentation
  • [DBZ-5060] - Align Postgresql driver with Quarkus
  • [DBZ-5078] - Rename "Mysql" to "MySql" in related MysqlFieldReader interface
  • [DBZ-5101] - Remove auto-generation and default values for MySQL
  • [DBZ-5107] - Upgrade Jackson Databind to
  • [DBZ-5114] - Switch to released version of Fixture5 extension in System testsuite
  • [DBZ-5118] - Use range to activate jdk11 profile
  • [DBZ-5132] - Misc edits to prepare Oracle connector docs for GA
  • [DBZ-5147] - Pro-actively detect issues with LogMiner records


  • [DBZ-4963] - ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 65568 bytes (Logminer LCR c,krvxrib:buffer)
  • [DBZ-5119] - Include heartbeat table to the heartbeat process in the Debezium Oracle Connector
  • [DBZ-5129] - Avoid reading entire schema history file into memory in the test suite
  • [DBZ-5172] - Expose more useful exception info with building the field default value schema

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