Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.4.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-2603] - Document "" option
  • [DBZ-2710] - Remove link in MySQL docs section that points to the same section
  • [DBZ-2841] - Oracle schema history events fail on partitioned table
  • [DBZ-2847] - outbox extension emits UPDATE events when delete is disabled


  • [DBZ-2636] - Move Cassandra connector to separate repository
  • [DBZ-2836] - Invalid column name should fail connector with meaningful message
  • [DBZ-2838] - Fix typos in downstream ModuleID declarations in monitoring.adoc
  • [DBZ-2839] - Duplicate anchor ID in partials/ref-connector-monitoring-snapshot-metrics.adoc
  • [DBZ-2843] - Fix additional typo in ModuleID declaration in monitoring.adoc
  • [DBZ-2846] - Edit modularization annotations in logging.adoc
  • [DBZ-2850] - Update Groovy version to 3.0.7


  • [DBZ-1463] - Add Cassandra to tutorial Compose set-up
  • [DBZ-2799] - Documentation of the Logminer implementation needs improvement
  • [DBZ-2852] - Add support for Vitess gRPC static authentication
  • [DBZ-2854] - Update Vitess Connector documentation

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