Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.2.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-1531] - Expose original value for PK updates
  • [DBZ-1692] - New column masking mode: consistent hashing
  • [DBZ-1782] - Provide a filtering SMT
  • [DBZ-1807] - Support converters for embedded engine
  • [DBZ-1859] - Enhance MongoDB connector metrics
  • [DBZ-1882] - SQL Server connector: support reconnect after the database connection is broken
  • [DBZ-1930] - Support SMTs in embedded engine
  • [DBZ-1932] - Snapshot metrics shows TotalNumberOfEventsSeen as zero


  • [DBZ-1744] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Timestamp format must be yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss[.fffffffff]
  • [DBZ-1914] - Snapshot lock timeout setting is not documented
  • [DBZ-1915] - AvroRuntimeException when publishing transaction metadata
  • [DBZ-1918] - Connector restart logic throttles for the first 2 seconds
  • [DBZ-1922] - Wal2json empty change event could cause NPE above version
  • [DBZ-1926] - Misleading error message on lost database connection
  • [DBZ-1927] - Cassandra CDC should not move and delete processed commitLog file under testing mode
  • [DBZ-1935] - Broken internal links and anchors in documentation
  • [DBZ-1944] - Dokumentation files in modules create separate pages, should be partials instead
  • [DBZ-1950] - Validation of binlog_row_image is not compatible with MySQL 5.5
  • [DBZ-1960] - High CPU usage when idle
  • [DBZ-1966] - Outbox Quarkus Extension throws NPE in quarkus:dev mode
  • [DBZ-1967] - Cassandra Connector: unable to deserialize column mutation with reversed type


  • [DBZ-1786] - Outbox Quarkus Extension: Update version of extension used by demo
  • [DBZ-1806] - Community newsletter 1/2020
  • [DBZ-1898] - Remove obsolete SnapshotChangeRecordEmitter
  • [DBZ-1902] - Fix typo in Quarkus Outbox extension documentation
  • [DBZ-1906] - Documentation should link to Apache Kafka upstream docs
  • [DBZ-1919] - Restore documentation of MySQL event structures
  • [DBZ-1920] - Link from monitoring page to connector-specific metrics
  • [DBZ-1924] - Update snapshot.mode options in SQL Server documentation
  • [DBZ-1925] - Update build and container images to Apache Kafka 2.4.1
  • [DBZ-1942] - Avoid Thread#sleep() calls in Oracle connector tests
  • [DBZ-1943] - Different versions of Jackson components pulled in as dependencies
  • [DBZ-1945] - Remove deprecated connector option value "initial_schema_only"
  • [DBZ-1958] - Upgrade MongoDB driver to 3.12.3
  • [DBZ-1968] - Remove deprecated unwrap SMTs


  • [DBZ-1407] - Replace Custom CassandraTopicSelector with DBZ's TopicSelector class in Cassandra Connector
  • [DBZ-1732] - Improve documentation on WAL disk space usage for Postgres connector
  • [DBZ-1903] - Update schema change topic section of SQL Server connector doc
  • [DBZ-1905] - Log warning about insufficient retention time for DB history topic
  • [DBZ-1911] - The error messaging around binlog configuration is missleading
  • [DBZ-1954] - Add docs for mask column and truncate column features

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