Release Notes - WildFly - Version 27.0.0.Alpha3 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WFLY-15683] - Jakarta Security 3.0 in WildFly Preview


  • [WFLY-10099] - ClusteredJPA2LCTestCase fails intermittently
  • [WFLY-15895] - GroupListenerTestCase fails on IBM JDK11
  • [WFLY-16151] - Multiple locations of several jars in Zip distribution
  • [WFLY-16594] - Fix JGroups stack properties key in
  • [WFLY-16607] - WFLYEJB0275: Could not resolve corresponding ejbCreate or @Init method for home interface
  • [WFLY-16630] - Mixed domain tests error traces due to unknown Infinispan module name
  • [WFLY-16631] - NoClassDefFoundError stoping mixed domain test hosts


  • [WFLY-15431] - Add elytron-oidc-client to the EE feature pack
  • [WFLY-16435] - Add org.wildfly.extension.opentelemetry to excluded extensions to fix HostExcludesTestCase
  • [WFLY-16596] - Documentation Proofreading Suggestions
  • [WFLY-16601] - Add a module for com.nimbusds:nimbus-jose-jwt as needed by Soteria
  • [WFLY-16621] - Add test utility methods for checking the test environment that don't throw AssumptionViolationException but instead return a boolean
  • [WFLY-16635] - Create a wildfly-client-all-jakarta module

Component Upgrade

  • [WFLY-16604] - Upgrade Batavia to 1.0.15.Final
  • [WFLY-16638] - Upgrade WildFly Core to 19.0.0.Beta14

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