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Add test utility methods for checking the test environment that don't throw AssumptionViolationException but instead return a boolean


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      Not all use cases for the kind of test environment checking that AssumeTestGroupUtil does can handle having ATGU throw an AssumptionViolatedException. Sometimes that may be caught and ignored (e.g. in a ServerSetup); other times it won't be caught and will fail the test (e.g. in a static @Deployment method). For these cases, some form of conditional logic is needed; e.g. turn a ServerSetup method into a no-op or return an 'empty' deployment from the @Deployment method.

      So for each 'assumeXXX' method that throws AssumptionViolatedException, there should be a corresponding 'isXXX' method that returns a boolean.

      I did some of this downstream to support conditional behavior based on SE version but it seems I never applied it upstream.

            bstansbe@redhat.com Brian Stansberry
            bstansbe@redhat.com Brian Stansberry
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