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  • [ISPN-10273] - Convert Primitive Cache Streams to use Distributed Publisher underneath
  • [ISPN-10283] - LocalPublisherManagerImpl performs blocking Cache operations
  • [ISPN-10896] - Convert usages of size to use sizeAsync
  • [ISPN-10947] - Add checkstyle to prevent invoking blocking methods from Flowable
  • [ISPN-10948] - Replace CompletionStageToPublisher with CompletionStageToSingle
  • [ISPN-10950] - Add interface to designate a thread is non blocking

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-9721] - Add non blocking Publisher for a Cache
  • [ISPN-10762] - Full detail cache REST endpoint


  • [ISPN-8357] - Avoid index="LOCAL" in default configurations
  • [ISPN-9394] - Getting java.lang.ClassCastException after calling XSiteAdmin.status()
  • [ISPN-10722] - Mgmt console: home page load fails in case secured cache container
  • [ISPN-10822] - java.lang.Error: Maximum permit count exceeded
  • [ISPN-10855] - MultipleCacheManagersTest factory issues are ignored
  • [ISPN-10857] - Add infinispan-jboss-marshalling to server distribution for transcoding
  • [ISPN-10861] - Wildfly-modules integration tests marshalling failures
  • [ISPN-10863] - java.lang.IllegalAccessException logged by PropertyFormatter
  • [ISPN-10867] - AsyncStoreWithoutEvictionFunctionalTestsegmented creates data directories in core directory
  • [ISPN-10870] - Rename schemas and update test configurations for 10.1
  • [ISPN-10878] - does not propagate properties
  • [ISPN-10879] - PersistenceIT random failures
  • [ISPN-10880] - JCacheConfigurationTest leaks cache manager
  • [ISPN-10883] - [REST] Simultaneous call to stop don't stop the servers
  • [ISPN-10887] - GlobalJmxStatisticsConfiguration.allowDuplicateDomains is not implemented atomically and can fail frequently
  • [ISPN-10888] - Genereated MetricIDs like CacheManager_CacheManager_numberOfCreatedCaches should be avoided
  • [ISPN-10890] - RemoteCacheManager.stop delay
  • [ISPN-10892] - JBossMBeanServerLookup is deprecated and can be removed
  • [ISPN-10899] - Server transport and executor metrics are not unregistered on stop
  • [ISPN-10903] - Handle thread pool queue rejection better
  • [ISPN-10904] - CallerRunsRejectOnShutdownPolicy should throw IllegalLifecycleStateException
  • [ISPN-10905] - Hot Rod client should not use JmxUtil (no PrivilegedActions needed by client)
  • [ISPN-10911] - HotRodMultiMapOperations random failures
  • [ISPN-10912] - HotRod server retries CheckAddressTask indefinitely during shutdown
  • [ISPN-10915] - CompletionStages.continueOnExecutor() does not complete the future on rejection
  • [ISPN-10919] - Offline Xsite test failures
  • [ISPN-10922] - StateTransferLinkFailuresTest random failures
  • [ISPN-10924] - JPA cache store (with async enabled) will log Exceptions in DEBUG for deleteBatch and is not able to remove entries from the store
  • [ISPN-10925] - CacheMgmtInterceptor.visitComputeCommand uses millis to update store time stats which are in nanos
  • [ISPN-10927] - ClusterPublisherManagerImpl throws NPE if a error occurs during processing
  • [ISPN-10928] - Counter SecurityException: ISPN000287: Unauthorized access: subject 'null' lacks 'ADMIN'
  • [ISPN-10929] - ClusterPublisher reduction combineStages concurrency level is too high
  • [ISPN-10930] - MassIndexer does not reindex cache with OFF_HEAP and protobuf storage
  • [ISPN-10932] - Prevent starting multiple MassIndexers for a cache
  • [ISPN-10933] - Support for wiping the indexes
  • [ISPN-10934] - RESTv2 HEAD on cache name
  • [ISPN-10936] - StaticFileResource does not detect correct media types for files
  • [ISPN-10937] - CleanupAfterMethod tests take a very long time
  • [ISPN-10940] - JPA deleteBatch should not pass empty collection to CriteriaDelete
  • [ISPN-10943] - Handle thread pool queue rejection when invoking rxjava code
  • [ISPN-10952] - InfinispanExtenionIT fails
  • [ISPN-10956] - GlobalConfigurationBuilder.addModule() should be idempotent
  • [ISPN-10958] - JBossExternalizerAdapter must be whitelisted when jboss-marshalling is used


Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-10926] - Upgrade to smallrye-metrics 2.3.0 and microprofile-metrics-api 2.2


  • [ISPN-10567] - Allow container exposed ports when CONTAINER is the server driver
  • [ISPN-10843] - CLI Docs: User Guide, Round 2
  • [ISPN-10848] - Change site status only after failures
  • [ISPN-10871] - Add org.aesh:readline to dependency management
  • [ISPN-10884] - Expose indexing/querying operations and stats for a cache
  • [ISPN-10913] - Exclude checker-qual from caffeine dependency
  • [ISPN-10946] - Tests should use a MetricsRegistry per cache manager instance rather than per JVM

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