Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 6.1.0.Beta3 - HTML format


Feature Request

  • [RESTEASY-2326] - Support more authentication types for resteasy-vertx
  • [RESTEASY-3146] - Add ability to use CDI with the SeBootstrap Undertow layer


  • [RESTEASY-3024] - Missing dependencies from the resteasy-bom
  • [RESTEASY-3089] - ContainerResponseFilter will not allow null entities to be set
  • [RESTEASY-3096] - Resteasy new WebApplicationExceptions behavior
  • [RESTEASY-3142] - POST with OR WITHOUT a request payload
  • [RESTEASY-3149] - Fix inject method in InjectorFactoryImpl
  • [RESTEASY-3155] - Concurrency issues in ResteasyViolationException
  • [RESTEASY-3166] - Digest authentication tests may get the wrong nc value from the header


  • [RESTEASY-1925] - Jakarta RESTful Web Services 3.1 Development
  • [RESTEASY-2959] - Remove the hack in AtomFeedProvider to work with both new Jakarta RI and transformed RI
  • [RESTEASY-3137] - Remove dependency of ProxyInputStream
  • [RESTEASY-3138] - Remove dependency on commons-io
  • [RESTEASY-3141] - Spelling mistake in ReverseInjectionTest.testMDB
  • [RESTEASY-3148] - Clean up the resteasy-cdi module and extension
  • [RESTEASY-3153] - Remove the Jakarta Transformer option for the galleon-feature-pack
  • [RESTEASY-3161] - Change license header
  • [RESTEASY-3162] - Do not inherit configurations for the galleon-feature-pack
  • [RESTEASY-3168] - Add tests for the Jakarta JSON Binding Provider
  • [RESTEASY-3170] - Remove usage of weld-se-shaded in favor of the required dependencies

Component Upgrade


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