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Remove log4j 1.x module and support


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      WildFly currently includes a module org.apache.log4j which is an alias for org.jboss.log4j.logmnager. log4j 1.x reached end of life in August of 2015. It is time for it's removal from WildFly as there will be no more fixes applied to log4j.


      There is some impact to this decision. The following options will no longer be supported:

      • If you use log4j in your deployment and do not include a log4j configuration file, then you must either migrate to a new logging facade or add a log4j configuration to your deployment. Log messages will no longer be routed based on the logging subsystem.
      • If you use a log4j.xml, log4j.properties or jboss-log4j.xml file in your deployment you must include a log4j.jar in your deployment. Note if it's a jboss-log4j.xml you'll need to rename the file.
      • custom-handler's will no longer allow log4j appenders to be used

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