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Jobs Service Embedded Addon


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    • 2023 Week 15-17 (from Apr 10), 2023 Week 18-20 (from May 1), 2023 Week 21-23 (from May 22), 2023 Week 27-29 (from Jul 3), 2023 Week 30-32 (from Jul 24), 2023 Week 33-35 (from Aug 14), 2023 Week 36-38 (from Sep 4), 2023 Week 24-26 (from Jun 12)

      In order to use timers in a workflow without the need to run Jobs Service as an external service, this addon allows to run it with the runtime application and still keep the usage of an isolated database but using the same embedded PostgreSQL, which allows data to be persisted in a specific path in the filesystem or in-memory.

      This addon should work seamlessly with the data-index addon and the runtimes application doing all the needed configuration under the hood.

            tdolphin-1 Tiago Dolphine
            tdolphin-1 Tiago Dolphine
            Tiago Dolphine, Walter Medvedeo
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