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PIM Image is not started due unsatisfied dependencies


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    • 7.8.0.GA
    • 7.8.0.GA
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    • OCP 4.5
      BA Operator 7.8.0 CR1
      PIM OpenShift Image 7.8.0 CR1

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      1. In OCP project start up Operator
      2. Create KieApp (using KieApp from the description)
      3. Go to pods and check the PIM pod if running
    • 2020 Week 28-30 (from Jul 6)

      When is deployed KieApp with enabled PIM, the image for PIM is not started and have failing restarts ("CrashLoopBackOff").

      KieApp used to deploy the app:

      apiVersion: app.kiegroup.org/v2
      kind: KieApp
      metadata:   name: example
        namespace: jschwan-prod
      spec:   commonConfig:     adminPassword: admin
          adminUser: admin
        environment: rhpam-authoring
        objects:     console: {}
          processMigration:       database:         size: 1Gi
              type: postgresql
          servers:       - database:           size: 1Gi
                type: postgresql
        upgrades: {}
        useImageTags: true

      All other images are deployed correctly, nothing unusual in Operator log.

      Logs from PIM pod: first taken during attempt to restart example-04-app-process-migration-1-qm74n-example-04-app-process-migration.log, second taken after few minutes example-04-app-process-migration-1-qm74n-example-04-app-process-migration(1).log

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