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Missing http route for PIM image when is deployed in trial scenario


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    • 7.8.0.GA
    • 7.8.0.GA
    • Cloud
    • None
    • OpenShift 4.x
      Kie Operator 7.8
      RHPAM 7.8 nightly images

    • DR1
    • CR2
      1. Start new Trial KieApp with enabled pim
      2. Search for http URL in OCP console (Networking -> Routes)
    • 2020 Week 25-27 (from Jun 15), 2020 Week 28-30 (from Jul 6)

      When is started Trial KieApp, then there are http routes for BC and Kie Server. When is enabled PIM for the Trial app, there is no http route created.

            rhn-support-rromerom Ruben Romero Montes
            jakubschwan Jakub Schwan
            Jakub Schwan Jakub Schwan
            Jakub Schwan Jakub Schwan
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