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Quay as a cache proxy / pullthrough cache



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      Quay acts a cache proxy / pullthrough cache


      Customer Problem: As a Quay user it would be nice if I would only have to rely on a single Quay registry for getting content reliability and quickly. There are some trusted upstream registries but I do not want to subject to their availability and bandwidth limitations. While mirroring is an option it is an additional barrier to set up and change all the pull spec references

      Goal: Quay acts a cache proxy / pullthrough cache


      • as of today clusters behind Quay can only pull images which are already in Quay (explicitly whitelisted via repo mirroring our pushed into Quay)
      • customers without governance requirements want to allow developers to reference / pull arbitrary images even if they're not synced into Quay yet, Quay should act as a proxy cache then

      Why is this important: 

      • requested by several customers
      • partially perceived as a threshold feature
      • to achieve feature parity with the OCP internal registry

      Dependencies (internal and external):

      • TBD

      Prioritized epics + deliverables (in scope / not in scope):

      • As a user I can pull an image from Quay even if it doesn't exist there yet. Once I tried to pull and the image isn't locally stored yet Quay will fetch it from explicitly defined upstream / source registries, caches it locally and serves it to the client
      • given the fact that this operation might violate several governance / security processes it needs to be logged (audit log)
      • Assuming that many existing customers with strong governance requirements explicitly do not want to offer this capability but use the explicit whitelisting via repo mirroring instead the feature need to be configurable (globally on or off) via config App.

      Estimate (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL):  TBD

      Previous Work: 

      Open questions:

      • TBD


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