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Enable pre-defined and custom OCI mime-types


    • Pluggable OCI mime-types
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    • OCPPLAN-6840 - Support SigStore toolchain to sign and verify signed artifacts
    • OCPPLAN-6840Support SigStore toolchain to sign and verify signed artifacts
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      Customer Problem: As a Quay administrator I want to allow my clients to store more than runnable container images. Given OCI artifact spec I want to be free to choose what kind of content can be stored on and served by Quay.

      Goal: Make adopting OCI artifacts straightforward with quay.

      User Story: As an admin of Quay, I'd like to be able to enable pre-defined and custom OCI mime-types so that I can store this content in Quay.

      Default types we need to support: We need several additional OCI types to increase adoption of Quay in evolving areas such as artifact signing, helm and alternate compression schemes:

      • application/vnd.oci.image.config.v1+json
      • application/vnd.cncf.helm.chart.config.v1+json
      • application/vnd.dev.cosign.simplesigning.v1+json
      • application/vnd.oci.image.layer.v1.tar+zstd

      The above should be generated by all our default configs and the config editor.


      The specification for creating additional media types is complete https://github.com/opencontainers/image-spec/blob/master/media-types.md

      As cloud-native tooling picks up support for those mime-types, particularly helm and cosign, Quay should start accepting those types as a basis for more first-class treatment later.

      Lastly, this also helps enabling experimental usage of Quay (new client-side compression algorithms) or allowing workarounds for broken clients (that send invalid mime types).

      Out of scope:

      • Any special treatment of these types of images, Quay should simply not reject them

      Open Questions:

      • how does Clair supposed to treat custom OCI mimetypes? 

      Prioritized deliverables:

      • Quay by default accepts the above defined defined OCI artifact types with push / pull Operations
      • Quay allows to register custom OCI media type that a customer might have but does not treat them in a special way

      Acceptance / Test Criteria:

      • a user is able to use helm CLI to store and retrieve charts as OCI images from Quay
      • a user is able to use cosign CLI to sign an existing image in Quay and validate the image subsequently
      • a user is able to push an image with zstd compression using podman (https://github.com/containers/skopeo/pull/1111)

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