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Improve helm chart installation process - phase 1



    • Improve helm chart installation process - phase 1
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      Currently users are experiencing a number of problems when installing some helm charts.  In some cases, installation fails.  In other cases, the UI says there is an error, but eventually the Helm Release is created.  We are seeing similar issues when helm releases are being uninstalled/deleted.


      Identify the issues with the helm chart installation process and determine possible solutions.

      Why is it important?

      Users aren't always able to create or delete Helm Releases, due to a timeout.  The error messages are not helpful, and there is no way for the users to proceed.

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. Helm chart creation should be done asynchronous. If workloads are created:
        1. Navigate directly to the Topology view, create the Helm Release grouping
        2. The Helm Release grouping must have a visual queue to indicate the status of the Helm Release
      2.  Helm chart creation should be asynchronous. If no workloads are created:
        1. Navigate directly to the Helm Releases view
        2. Add a column to indicate the status of the Helm Release
      3.  Helm deletion should be asynchronous.  When deleting a Helm Release, the modal should be dismissed immediately so that users can continue with their tasks.

      Currently Helm Releases which do not include workloads are not show in the Topology List/Graph view, but ARE shown in the Helm Releases view.

      Dependencies (External/Internal):

      • Helm POC results & and necessary APIs needs to be available by Dec 30th in order to be delivered in 4.13


      Miro board


      • Helm is doing a POC, let's result evaluate the results before we commit for this to 4.13
      • Exploration, Spikes & dependencies need to be complete by end of Milestone 1 (Dec 30th)
      • Some Helm Charts don't actually create any workloads, so we need to investigate how we would handle that with the new flow **


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