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Agent-based Installer Interactive flow


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      Guided installation user experience that interacts via prompts for necessary inputs, informs of erroneous/invalid inputs, and provides status and feedback throughout the installation workflow with very few steps, that works for disconnected, on-premises environments.

      Installation is performed from a bootable image that doesn't contain cluster details or user details, since these details will be collected during the installation flow after booting the image in the target nodes.

      This means that the image is generic and can be used to install an OpenShift cluster in any supported environment.

      Why is this important?

      Customers/partners desire a guided installation experience to deploy OpenShift with a UI that includes support for disconnected, on-premises environments, and which is as flexible in terms of configuration as UPI.

      We have partners that need to provide an installation image that can be used to install new clusters on any location and for any users, since their business is to sell the hardware along with OpenShift, where OpenShift needs to be installable in the destination premises.

      Acceptance Criteria

      This experience should provide an experience closely matching the current hosted service (Assisted Installer), with the exception that it is limited to a single cluster because the host running the service will reboot and become a node in the cluster as part of the deployment process.

      • User can successfully deploy OpenShift using the installer's guided experience.
      • User can specify a custom registry for disconnected scenario, which may include uploading a cert and validation.
      • User can specify node-network configurations, at a minimum: DHCP, Static IP, VLAN and Bonds.
      • User can use the same image to install clusters with different settings (collected during the installation).
      • Documentation is updated to guide user step-by-step to deploy OpenShift in disconnected settings with installer.


      1. Guided installation onboarding design from UXD team.
      2. UI development


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            racedoro@redhat.com Ramon Acedo
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