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      As a customer of self managed OpenShift or an SRE managing a fleet of OpenShift clusters I should be able to determine the progress and state of an OCP upgrade and only be alerted if the cluster is unable to progress. Support a cli-status command and status-API which can be used by cluster-admin to monitor the progress. status command/API should also contain data to alert users about potential issues which can make the updates problematic.

      Feature Overview (aka. Goal Summary)  

      Here are common update improvements from customer interactions on Update experience

      1. Show nodes where pod draining is taking more time.
        Customers have to dig deeper often to find the nodes for further debugging. 
        The ask has been to bubble up this on the update progress window.
      2. oc update status ?
        From the UI we can see the progress of the update. From oc cli we can see this from "oc get cvo"  
         But the ask is to show more details in a human-readable format.

        Know where the update has stopped. Consider adding at what run level it has stopped.
        oc get clusterversion
        version   4.12.0    True        True          16s     Working towards 4.12.4: 9 of 829 done (1% complete)

      Documentation Considerations

      Update docs for UX and CLI changes

      Reference : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cwxN30uno_9O8RayvcIAe8Owlds-5Wjr970sDxn7hPg/edit#slide=id.g2a2b8de8edb_0_22

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            rh-ee-smodeel Subin M
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